• Twisty Towel

Twisty Towel

The original super-absorbant hair towel!



The extraordinary new hair towel that you slip over wet / dry hair ... then twist, loop and it's there to stay! Twisty Towel's tapered design allows a perfect fit on your head. It's made of 100% cotton yet it's lightweight, not bulky like a bath towel. The unique non-slip twist and loop system stays in place. The Twisty Towel is attractive, functional, and so comfortable that using bath towels to wrap your hair becomes obsolete.

Use Twisty Towel For:

- Drying Hair
- Terrific when applying make-up
- Conditioning Hair
- Coloring Hair
- Shower
- Sauna
- Protection from Sun
- Make Overs
- Facial Cleansing
- Hot Tub