Smart Inventions - Exclusive Formula for Success

Meticulously select products that uniquely fulfill the needs of a vast consumer market.
Expertise in manufacturing, assembling and packaging of products with superior quality control (Private labeling available).
Efficient and technology advanced warehousing.
Skilled product placement and marketing through:
  • High-quality infomercials/short-form commercials.
  • Internet marketing campaigns powered by Self Made USA
  • Home-shopping channels.
  • Direct response advertising in major magazines.
  • Mass marketing through Smart Inventions' connections with large retail chains, such as: CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Target and many, many more.

Smart Inventions - Money Making Ideas
The Smart Inventions process is easy, and in just a few steps you can put your product in front of millions of prospective customers!

  1. Licensing

    Smart Inventions Licensing Agreement
  2. Manufacturing

    Smart Inventions Manufacturing and Assembly
  3. Marketing

    Smart Inventions Direct Response Marketing
  4. Distribution

    Smart Inventions Retail Distribution
  5. Fulfillment

    Smart Inventions Warehouse and Fulfillment
  6. Payments

    Smart Inventions Royalty Payments