Earl Greenburg
CEO, Transactional Marketing
(Former President of Home Shopping Network)

"With Smart Inventions, I know I am dealing with a company steeped in a tradition of integrity and success. When you deal with Jon Nokes, you get the straight story, whether you are asking about the cost of goods on a product, or how a product is doing. And when he says he will pay you in X amount of time, he pays you. Besides a high level of integrity and reliability, Smart Inventions is truly vertically integrated. So many claim to be turn-key when they are really jobbing the work out. He’s NOT outsourcing; he is really doing the manufacturing."

Peter Gumpesberger
Inventor of Quicksand Litter Sifting System

"I made the decision to go with Smart Inventions for several reasons. First of all, the principals of the company seemed to be the only trustworthy individuals that I found in an industry full of sharks. They were willing to put their money where their mouths were, investing whatever if took to launch my invention. Speaking as an inventor, licensing your product is almost like putting your baby up for adoption. Unlike with the others, Smart Inventions assured me that I could continue contributing to my "baby’s" future by welcoming my knowledge of my product, as well as my vision and my marketing ideas. Whenever asked, I always direct new inventors of direct response products to Smart Inventions.

Anthony Sullivan
President, Sullivan Productions

"Smart Inventions is where it is today because the guy that runs it understands the business. He knows how to put the pieces together and keep them together, and values the importance of doing the right thing. In 1994, when Smart Inventions was a fledgling three person operation, I watched him single-handedly finance a media campaign that moved over 12 million mops. Watching his company grow into one of the major players in this business has been like watching an acorn bloom into a mighty oak tree."

Joel Appel
CEO, Orange Glo International

"Smart Inventions was the principal force in helping us gain access to the major retailers. Their retail sales force is terrific, and we sold in to everybody we wanted. We have continually and substantially exceeded our volume expectations for the Orange Glo / OxiClean family of products. Smart Inventions is extremely well-organized and focused on building our long-term business."