• Grater Plater Set

Grater Plater Set

The Plate That Grates!



The Grater Plater is crafted from hand-made ceramic and beautifully hand-painted. You can puree garlic fast and easy with no mess and all the natural juices stay right in the plate, so you get the consistency of garlic butter, without the butter. You can grate cheese with ease because there's no wrong way to use it, back and forth, side to side, round and round. With the Grater Plater it doesn’t matter. It's safe for little hands to use because it's not actually sharp, but the hardened ceramic design is triple glazed, so it never dulls and nothing sticks. Use for baking, chocolate, cinnamon, even coconut. Pass it around the dinner table and grate as you go. You'll also get the Gathering Brush and our Roll-N-Peel garlic peeler absolutely free. With the Roll-N-Peel you can peel all the garlic you like without ever touching it. And the Gathering Brush brings all your grated flavors together to put on your favorite foods fast and easily. You'll get 2 garlic graters plus the attractive matching herb mill. This 5 piece set was sold on QVC for $19.99; yours today for half the price.