Add pages to your website

  • First, be sure to log in
  • Click "Add a new page" on the top toolbar
  • You have a total of three pages available on a free account

Add content to your pages

  • Click "Add Element" at the bottom of any content region on any page
  • Select your element and click "add"
  • Hover over the element name to view the action menu for managing your element

Add a website logo

  • Click "Website -> Settings" on the top toolbar
  • Click the "Advanced" tab
  • Click "Upload Your Logo" under the "Website logo" section
  • Your website logo will appear automatically on most of our free design templates

Add your own domain name

  • Your "publishpath" URL is always available, but you can also use your own custom domain names.
  • Click "Website -> Settings" on the top toolbar and then click the "Advanced" tab
  • Find the "Domain Names" section and click on "Add a new domain"
  • Follow the included instructions to configure your DNS to point to LightCMS
  • More domain help can be found on our support site

Change your design with any of our design options

  • You can apply one of our free designs (click "Designs" then click "Design Gallery" or click here)
  • Choose any of our available designs and then click "Apply"
  • You can create your own custom designs as well. Find out more.

Tip: if you want to show the same content here that is shown in this region on the home page, choose "add element" below and then click on "copy an element from another part of your site."

Getting Started

We've got a ton of resources to help you make the most of LightCMS. Here are some of the most popular resources you'll want to check out.

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